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Screen Rooms and Your Outdoor Pool

Outdoor Pool
If you have an outdoor pool, you want to enjoy it in privacy. Adding a screen room to your property can help you enjoy your pool. You can also use this room for many other purposes, making it a great investment for your home.
If you've never heard of a screen room before, read on to learn more about what it is and how having one can benefit your home, especially if you have an outdoor pool.
What is a Screen Room? 
A screen room is an enclosed porch that is attached to your home. The living space is designed with many windows, and these can be installed with automatic shutters to add privacy. The room has a door that leads into the home as well as another door that leads out to your yard for convenient outdoor access.
What Benefits Does a Screen Room Provide?
A screen room is designed to be airy and useful for entertaining. Below, learn how a screen room can help you make the most out of your outdoor pool.
Added Privacy
Rather than having to go indoors to change into swimwear or dry off after swimming, you can change in your screen room instead. By adding shutters or window treatments on the windows, you can turn the room into a fully private location that you can use in lieu of your bathroom.
To prevent your floors from getting slick from wet bodies and clothing, use outdoor carpet on flooring for your screen room. Speak to your contractor about the best flooring options for your screen room to make it both functional and beautiful.
Greater Organization
Since a screen room is directly attached to your home and has a fully enclosed design, you can use it to keep your pool items organized and within easy reach. Use your screen room to organize pool cleaning supplies in bins or cabinets. Store towels and pool toys in your screen room for easy access. You can also hang wet swimwear up to dry before taking it back indoors.
You can also use your screen room to house outdoor furniture in the winter or during rainy days. Using your screen room for both organization and storage helps you keep your supplies organized and your home clean, dry and free of clutter.
Additional Relaxation Area
On days where the sun is just too hot or you want to enjoy watching children play in the pool without being poolside yourself, you can use your screen room for a relaxation area. Simply open all the windows to let the warm weather in, and enjoy relaxing inside.
If you want your screen room to be more open, consider adding a patio that extends from the room itself. This feature allows you to enjoy the enclosed space when the weather is cooler or when you want to be in the shade. A patio can also double as a poolside lounging area.
Installing a screen room on your home will provide easy access to your pool and can also help make your outdoor swimming area more enjoyable. During cooler weather, this room can be used for a craft room, home office or a simple relaxation area.
Speak to your contractor about various designs and sizes of screen rooms that you can have added onto your home. Your contractor can help you customize your screen room based on your budget and your home's current style.
There are many benefits to having a screen room added onto your home. If you are in need of a qualified professional to assist you with your screen porch design and installation, rely on the team at Mid-South Exteriors.


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