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3 Window Safety Features That Help Protect Young Children

When choosing windows for your home, you want to select window features that will keep you and your young family secure. Window clips, security screens, and laminated safety glass are three features will increase the overall security of your home while also helping keep your children safe as well.
1. Window Clips
Sliding windows, double-hung windows, and single-hung windows all come with simple window locks. These window locks are located on the movable windowpane. In order to secure the locks, you just flip the lock from one side to the other.
These simple window locks help seal your window shut. It also takes a great degree of strength for a child to open up a window lock that is properly shut. However, these locks are not childproof.
If you want to further increase the security of your sliding windows, double-hung windows, and single-hung windows, you need to have a window clip installed on these windows.
A window clip, also referred to as a window latch, is attached to the bottom of your windowpane and clips over your window frame.
It takes a high degree of dexterity and strength to open up a window clip. You have to unclip the window and open it at the same time. With a window clip and a window lock in place, a young child would have a hard time accidentally opening a window on their own.
If you are worried about your children opening a window, then a window lock combined with a window clip will keep your windows securely closed.
2. Security Screens
Window screens are not all made the same. The default window screens that come with your window will help keep out bugs and little critters. They are not that strong though, and easily rip and tear.
However, you can have a wide variety of different types of window screens installed in your home that provides more benefits than just keeping bugs out of your home.
With young children in your home, security window screens are the best window screen options. Security screens are made from stainless steel mesh and placed inside of a heavy-duty, sturdy frame.
The stainless steel mesh used in security screens is exceptionally durable. They are made to withstand a high degree of force. So, if your child leans against the screen, the screen will not rip because the screen will be able to support the weight of your child.
A security screen also makes it difficult for someone to break through your screen and get into your home. A security screen is designed to withstand hurricane-force winds and flying debris. You can't just push in or cut a security screen; the material is too strong.
As an added benefit, security screens also reduce the glare from outside and reduce the heat transfer through your open or closed window into your home. Security screens, in addition to offering protection, also help reduce your energy costs as well.
3. Laminated Safety Glass
Another way to increase the safety of your home is by installing laminated safety glass in all of your windows. Laminated safety glass is specially designed glass that has layers of thin, sticky laminate in between each layer of glass.
These thin, sticky layers of laminate will keep your window together if it ever breaks. Instead of shattering all over the place, the broken glass will stick to the laminate layers inside of the glass. This ensures that if one of your windows were ever to break, your children would be safe.
When you have young children, keeping your home safe is one of your top proprieties.
Give our team at Mid-South Exteriors a call, and we can help you increase the safety of the windows in your home by installing laminated safety glass, changing out your regular window screens for security screens, and adding clips to your windows.


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